What to write about?

What to write about?

Being a writer is not always as romantically easy as some people might imagine. Most fine authors turn out to be real workaholics who spend countless hours working on their masterpiece. As in any other form of art, it takes both time and effort to excel at writing. Moreover, it is expected that a good author requires remarkable writing skills and reveals an inborn talent. However, it is not always the case.

Regardless of either having a natural aptitude or being a persistent plodder, you can succeed in becoming a prolific writer. So what do you have to do to tread this winding path with ease? Well, since writing process is very subjective, every author has their own techniques, habits, rituals, routines, and rules. That is why you need to choose the activities that suit you most.

Check out this list of daily routines that can help you boost your creativity and facilitate the process of writing:

  • Read books and blogs

Reading is not only a pleasant activity but also an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Books by your favorite authors and posts by successful bloggers will help you find ideas for writing.

  • Study history and biographies

History is made of numerous events of different nature that unfold breathtaking plots before you. Looking through famous people’s biographies stimulates imagination and offers various possibilities to build a story of your own.

  • Analyze events in your life

Even if you think your life is not eventful enough, it is a good idea to keep your eyes open to everything happening to you. If you are attentive, even tiny details can inspire and help you create something interesting.

  • Pay attention to the world around

Watch people around you, notice curious aspects of their behavior, eavesdrop on their conversations, and make a story out of it.

  • Watch movies and plays

Movies and theatrical performances offer a variety of ideas and scenarios you can use to come up with your own. Don’t neglect the opportunity to see something new as it might turn out to be more useful than you would think.

  • Listen to your friends

Your friends have stories to tell, so be polite to listen. Sometimes other people’s lives are better than a high-rated movie. Even a boring conversation with your pal can be fruitful if you are present and listening.

  • Learn about art

Painting, sculpture, architecture, photography, ceramics… There are so many visual arts around, and each of them has a meaning and purpose. Learning about different pieces of art will not only bring you joy and esthetic satisfaction but also shower you with unique ideas for writing.

  • Try new music styles

This is how it works: you pick the record you like and let yourself go. Listening to music can be meditative and inspirational if you decide to make it so. When trying new genres, observe your emotions, feelings, and thoughts so that all of it could later be put into writing.

  • Keep a dream journal

It is a great idea for those who remember their dreams after waking up. Since most of us tend to forget what we dreamt about pretty soon, a dream journal will help you make your reveries and dreams last and become a source of the amazing plots.

  • Travel and reconnect with nature

New impressions bring about fresh ideas. Go abroad, visit places you have never been to before, and enjoy the beauty of nature. Such experiences help writers grow personally and professionally, which has a positive effect on their writing habits.

  • Join a writing group

Some writers may find it beneficial to discuss their drafts with the like-minded people and fellow authors. Sharing your thoughts and getting honest feedbacks from the other scribblers can help you progress and improve.

  • Browse famous and not-so-famous quotes

Quotes can be extremely motivational. Even a line or two can make you reconsider your life choices. That is why you should never miss a chance to read a few quotes in search for inspiration.

  • Keep a notebook of ideas

Greatest ideas may come uninvited and most likely unexpected. The moment you decide to write down the idea that has just popped into your head later, it is lost forever. Having a notebook of ideas will help you do whatever you please with them: store, go back and reconsider, change, combine, etc.

Unfortunately, any writer can face a real challenge of going through a dry spell. That’s when you go online and type in “I don’t know what to write about” in an attempt to find an immediate solution. However, all you get from placing such cry of help is the evidence you are not alone, and there are tons of writers like you who are looking for some inspiration.

So instead of reading other people’s stories, you should try to find your way out of a creative rut and get back on the track. How? Easy. For a beginning, write a composition using one of the topics from our list. Since there are tons of themes suitable for a decent piece of writing, we have put them in categories. In such a way, you choose the topic you like and see what ideas we offer.

Philosophy Topics to Write About

  1. How contemporary political philosophy affects our well-being
  2. Popular misconceptions of the philosophy of feminism
  3. Transcendental thoughts on human moral nature
  4. Emergence and evolution of analytic philosophy
  5. Similarities and differences between existentialism and logical positivism

Food Topics to Write About

  1. Controversies of vegetarianism
  2. Perils of genetically modified food
  3. Is caffeine as addictive as drugs?
  4. Implications of weight loss commercialization
  5. The truth about nutritional supplements

Pop Culture Topics to Write About

  1. Teenage self-identification through social media
  2. Cultural impact of modern TV series
  3. How fashion trends define your personality
  4. Do people still believe the news?
  5. Consumerism of the mainstream pop music

Chemistry Topics to Write About

  1. Quantum mechanics of intermolecular interactions
  2. Core concepts of modern alchemy
  3. Engineering view of the thermodynamic free energy
  4. Chemical context of equilibrium
  5. Artificial transmutation of nuclear waste

Medical Topics to Write About

  1. Ethics of assisted suicide and euthanasia
  2. Transformation of DNA technology
  3. Management of antidepressant-induced side effects
  4. Role of medical marijuana in palliative care
  5. Success and failure of organ transplantation

Interesting Diseases to Write About

  1. Overcoming challenges of aphasia
  2. Horrors of the Black Death
  3. Ebola experimental therapies
  4. Brain insults of fetal alcohol syndrome
  5. Behavior analytic treatment of Tourette’s syndrome

Environmental Topics to Write About

  1. Environmental perception of aquatic pollution
  2. How global is the depletion of ozone layer?
  3. Cardiovascular risks of air pollution
  4. Viable strategies for biodiversity conservation
  5. Global consequences of mass deforestation

Sports Topics to Write About

  1. Commonalities between physical and mind sports
  2. Evolution of the Olympic Games
  3. How sports justifies violence
  4. Radical religious views on sports
  5. Gender issues in today’s sport games

Science Topics to Write About

  1. How applied mathematics logic works
  2. Analytic tradition of natural science
  3. Computational numerical simulation as a tool of theoretical astronomy
  4. Important achievements of igneous petrology
  5. Practical techniques of orbital mechanics

Political Topics to Write About

  1. Challenges of democratization in Muslim society
  2. True Republican: Origins of modern conservatism
  3. Outcomes of the current presidential press relations
  4. Humanitarian challenges in the international politics
  5. Global governance of the United Nations

Economic Topics to Write About

  1. Business intelligence as driving force of economics
  2. Minimum wage policy of the developing countries
  3. How the Federal Reserve manipulates the dollar and controls an average American
  4. Outsourcing as cost-controlling business reality
  5. How to assure internet marketing success

Music Topics to Write About

  1. Contribution of protest music to social awareness
  2. How rap music became political
  3. Development of the concept of indigenous music of North America
  4. Traditions of the Oriental music and dance
  5. Musical characteristics and performance styles of gospel music

Business Topics to Write About

  1. Perspectives of the Chinese corporate governance
  2. American business monopoly empires and competition
  3. How to speculate the consequences of the financial crisis
  4. Evolution of enterprise and its impact on the global economy
  5. How women become successful in corporate America

Religious Topics to Write About

  1. Controversial practices of Judaism
  2. Understanding the fundamentals of Mormon culture
  3. Indian tradition of Buddhist rituals
  4. Spiritual liaison between Paganism and Christianity
  5. Origin and transformations of jihad in Islam

Ethics Topics to Write About

  1. Interdependence of public interest and journalism ethics
  2. How health care ethics affects practical decision making
  3. Causes and consequences of the unethical police behavior
  4. Transformation of Christian ethics: Gender and sexual minorities
  5. Is animal cruelty an ethical issue?

Satirical Topics to Write About

  1. The secret of Donald Trump’s popularity
  2. Marriage system enjoys the rising divorce rates
  3. Couch potato’s latest obsessions
  4. Sexism eradication: All people are equal, except women
  5. The real environmental threats humanity is facing
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