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What to write about?

Created: March 02nd, 2015 (14:40)
What to write about?

Write what you know, the old saying taught us, and so we did. But with the time passing by, and new trends evolving in the freelance writing world, a different perspective might be quite as true. What do modern content creators have to say? While some of them prefer to specialize in their own topic up till these days, the vast majority do not wish to stick to just one thing, as it keeps them from moving forward. The truth is, once you have access to internet, sky is the limit. You can write about what you want, not just what you know. Do your research, learn new facts, discover interesting ideas, develop your potential, and become a better writer. It’s time to realize that there’s nothing that you can’t write about, it now narrows down to what you want and don’t want to write about. In essence, when you write on topics you were not previously familiar with, nor only does it help you to educate yourself, but also develop professionally. Expand your portfolio with a number of new fields, and you’ll see how it will boost your writing career.

Self-confidence is of key importance at this stage of the writing process. Do not underestimate your abilities. You’ve managed to create some great pieces of online content before. Nothing has changed, except this time, you’ll talk about something new. Once you’ll demonstrate your confidence and reliability to your clients, certain expectations will be placed on you. No worries, though, explain to your client that while you might not be an expert in software development or real estate, nothing stops you from writing a brilliant blog post/article/review on the latest industry trends or new features of your product. It’s all about mutual trust and careful research, so go for it!

While some topics are pretty self-explanatory and do not take much time to explore, others are not. Let’s be honest with each other, some of them are just out of your league. If you understand clearly that it’s too much, leave it and let somebody with a better expertise take care of it. Focus on something you are more comfortable with instead. Though, there are topics you are unfamiliar with that do not require extensive research and you can quickly learn everything you need, my personal advice is to create content on something you are passionate about and something you believe in. Don’t write product descriptions for magic diet pills if you understand that the only way to lose weight is the right food plus much exercising in the gym.  While such a post may attract the attention of the great audience, you will most likely not include it into your portfolio of the posts you are most proud of.

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