Transportation Sample Post: Tips for Drivers on School Transportation Safety

Transportation Sample Post: Tips for Drivers on School Transportation Safety

How to increase child transportation safety to and from school –is the question that comes up in every parent’s mind. School bus transportation safety is an important matter and the school board transportation administration is always on the lookout for the safety issues that are associated with door to door school transportation.
The main issue that we have is the driver. Everybody knows that it takes a driver to deliver the child to and from school. It is better to be a good driver that stays healthy and does not use any substances because otherwise the rate of accidents goes up and it is up to us to ensure that good driver is rather normal practice – not abnormality. Illicit drugs,medicines, alcohol and excessive working hours may affect a driver’s judgement and abilities to operate that bus. We are here to make sure it does not happen. That is why we input rigid procedures and requirements for the drivers to pass in order to get the satisfactory result to operate that bus full of kind-hearted children.

Various distractions

Various distractions like mobile phones are another issue that needs to be kept in mind when dealing with the safety on the road by school bus transportation operators. We understand that it is convenient to reach the bus driver while on the road. However, we must remember that it can cause that immediate distraction that may lead to unwanted fatalities on the road. No one wants fatalities so the mobile devices are to be used only in the case of emergency or in the case of some imminent threat to the bus driver. All personal talks, gossips and news sharing are to be reserved for the after work hours. It is increasingly important to revise this safety guideline as late statistical data shows that casual mobile phone usage is on the rise. Every case of unnecessary talking or a cellular call needs to be documented properly and the attention of the driver needs to be questioned. Each one of us makes a difference here.

That is where our escorts have to shine and address those safety issues while on the road. There are no minor offences when it comes to safety procedures while protecting our children from misconduct or lack of attention by the bus driver. Our escorts have a lot of influence on the drivers and correct behavioral patterns are established every day by our team of professionally trained experts that provide those services. We applaud our escorts for delivering first class safety on our roads. While your work may seem not that important but appearance is deceitful. You save children from accidents every time you stop inappropriate behavior of the driver you are assigned to work with. Together we make difference in fixing these safety issues. Without you we would not be able to achieve those safety results that we currently have. And thank you very much for that.

Excessive pills intake and energy drinks consumption

Another issue that we have to remember is dealing with excessive pills intake and energy drinks consumption. Statistical data shows that we are on the verge of collapse with the prescription drugs intake per human being. The rates have been climbing every year so we have to look at the potential effects that this may have on our drivers since they are the part in this statistical research also. We are to ensure that all prescribed drugs are to be taken only after working hours since it is the safety issue that we are really serious about here.

Also, speaking about energy drinks consumption we must say that it is the personal choice of a driver. However we might need to think about after crash effects of energy drinks that impair the ability to focus on the road. This is something that has been out there for a long time. Drivers need to abstain from energy drinks when operating school buses. Here our escorts again may help to influence drivers or we eventually will decide and ban once and forever those energy drinks consumption by our drivers before operating buses. Those are the lives of the little ones that we always are dealing with. Knowing that it is very important that we realize that there are no little influences here and there on our safety standards. No one calculated the amount of accidents that were caused by the aftermath of energy drinks. We are not going to calculate them either. We are requesting politely all drivers out there to stay away from energy drink consumption before starting your work day.

Alcohol consumption

Alcohol consumption is another issue that we need to focus on. While it is impossible to forbid drivers to drink in the evening, we may find useful reporting known cases of a hangover and making sure those are documented properly and every driver served a warning in their profile. It is important to guard our zero tolerance policy for hangover driving.

Illicit drugs

Consumption of illicit drugs is another issue we need to talk about when dealing with the safety of our children while travelling to and from school. While mandatory screening practice and various drug tests are in place we need to keep an eye on the drivers just to make sure that they are full of attention while on the road. It is well known fact that the consequences of illicit drugs can be brutal within the organism of a human being. So here, we can add some attention and conduct various prevention measures to ensure that our drivers are well-informed and are aware of the possible penalties if they behave in such manner.

The lives of children are very important to every parent and all of us. We must strive to achieve the better safety standards and implement all necessary procedures to improve the safety of school transportation where possible. It is clear that we have problems that are need to be spoken out. It is important to voice them because only that way we can fix the issues that we are facing. More and more people realize and assist us with doing what is right – watching over our little human beings and assisting them to make careful steps.

We need to stay on top of the issues that are known and address the new ones as soon as practically possible because it is life that stands on the very beginning of every human being in their code of conduct. We save lives with our work and we are determined to keep on doing whatever it takes to bring new measures and standard practices to ensure the prosperity of our children and better safety standards.

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