A Story of Tommy and His Essay or What Is Rewriting?

A Story of Tommy and His Essay or What Is Rewriting?

This is Tommy.

This is Tommy

Tommy is a student. He needs to write a good essay on a serious topic.

Tommy is smart. He knows his professor uses plagiarism detectors and his essay should be one-of-a-kind, otherwise he gets expelled.

Professor using plagiarism detector

His friends are also smart. They want to find good essays online and run them through online rewriting tools that paraphrase sentences and substitute words with synonyms.
Here’s what Tommy’s friend George does:

George uses automatic text rewriting tool

George calls it a day and plays computer games all evening.

George calls it a day

Tommy decides to use a text spinner also. He pastes the text, clicks on ‘spin’ and quickly looks through the end result. Then he closes the tab. He thinks he’d rather rewrite everything by himself.

Tommy decides to use text spinner too

Here’s what Tommy does.

Here's what Tommy does

What did Tommy just do? He rephrased the text in his own words and perfected it. He also researched the topic additionally, added numbers and some facts, worked on the style of the text.

Professor Iamatchingyou loved his work, and Tommy got an A!

Tommy's work

George, unfortunately, got a D. His essay was not plagiarized, but Professor Iamwatchingyou could hardly find any sense in it. It was clear that an essay was not written by a human. George has to redo the work now.

George's work

This is the true power of quality rewriting.

Rewriting is NOT simply replacing words with their synonyms or changing word order in a sentence. It is also NOT rephrasing or spinning.

A quality rewriting implies:

  • Adding relevant information and deleting irrelevant
  • Perfecting the style of the text
  • Modifying headlines
  • Formatting the text properly
  • Using ideas as a guide and inspiration, not stealing them

All in all, a professionally rewritten text is customized to fit a particular purpose. It is fresh and unique, however it stays true to the main idea.

How did the story end?

Tommy now owns a website. He helps all those who need help with their writing. Rewriting is one of the most popular services he offers.

order rewriting from Tommy

Students and even successful website owners ask Tommy to rewrite their texts. George is also one of his clients.

Tommy says bye

The end.

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