Happy Valentine’s Day Quotes and Valentine’s Day Wishes

Created: February 14, 2019
Happy Valentine’s Day Quotes and Valentine’s Day Wishes

Happy Valentine’s Day Quotes are relevant each year as the month of February approaches. As a matter of fact, these quotes not only have to do with the feelings of romantic love. There are also such feelings as friendship and family ties and undoubtedly your friends and relatives will appreciate getting some Valentine’s wishes. Each year, happy day’s images uplift the mood for millions of people across the globe. These pictures are a great way to recollect some heartfelt memories shared with the loved ones and card messages will make sure the love is spread and multiplied. Check out some Valentine day images which you can recreate by adding your picture to them and sharing with your family members. Posing as a Cupid on such pictures is the best way to share the love and make the loved ones smile.

Happy Valentine’s Day Quotes: for Her and for Him

Happy Valentine’s Day Quotes for Her

  • One of my innermost Valentine’s day wishes is having you by my side. But as we are physically apart, we are still together in our hearts.
  • In Valentine words, I could die without you. Please prove me wrong and be mine.
  • There are no Sweet Valentine’s messages to express my love and there is no life long enough to measure how much I adore you. Happy Valentine’s Day lover!
  • We create romantic messages every day and write new pages of our life together – this Valentine’s Day, let’s create a new chapter!
  • Happy Valentine’s day greetings to you, my love! Without you, I am incomplete because you are the person that made me who I am today.
  • Love is like a musical instrument. At first, you must follow strict rules. Then you must let go of the rules and simply improvise.Love is like a musical instrument
  • My romantic messages start with me thinking about you when I should be thinking about something else.
  • Because you are always the best for me, this Valentine’s Day I will become the best for you.
  • My Valentine love message – just like my love – knows no boundaries.

Happy Valentine’s quotes for Him

  • My Happy Valentine, today I celebrate you, just like every single day of our lives I celebrate our love.
  • As Valentine’s sentiment, if I was told to choose between an ability to breathe or love, I would take my last breath saying how much I love you!
  • As Valentine’s love messages go, I love you more each day. And this Valentine’s Day is so special because I have never loved you more.
  • My message for Valentine’s day is a candle that never seizes to produce the flame. Because a candle will burn and wither away, but the fire in my heart is eternal for you, my love.
  • The reason I am in love with you is not your great looks and deeds. It’s because of the choices I make when I am with you.
  • This Happy Valentine Day message is not just another love story. It’s the true love story of ours – and thank you for writing every chapter of it so perfectly!
  • Valentine’s quotes and pictures always have a little Cupid with a weapon – and it’s so true because you swept me off my feet the first time I met you!
  • Love is not about flowers and romantic cards, it’s about compassion, respect, and honor – and only with you, I can understand the depth of love.Love is not about flowers
  • A relationship between two people is like the relationship between an eye and the arm. When the arm is wounded, the eye is crying. But when the eye is hurt and crying, the arm is helping wipe the tears from it.
  • I finally know why God sent you for me – so that I would always have love in my heart! Happy Valentine’s day my love!

Happy Valentine’s Day Wishes for All Occasions

Valentine’s Day Wishes for a Husband

  • Happy Valentine’s Day husband – one heart is not enough to carry all my love!
  • We all must have faith, hope, and love to survive – but love is the most important, so all Valentine’s messages go to you today, my Love!
  • Time will pass, the years will fly – but my love to you will never die! Happy Valentine’s Day to the greatest spouse in the world!
  • Hey, I just wanted to let you know that you have my heart and it’s full of love for you. Happy Valentine’s greetings, my beloved!
  • When I say that I love you, it’s not just a matter of habit. It’s the best way to remind you that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Valentine’s Wishes for a Wife

  • Not a day goes by that I do not think of you. Happy Valentine’s day love!
  • When I met you, I instantly fell in love. Now, my love is growing each day. Whatever you are doing to me – don’t stop, I love you!
  • You are a flower in my heart that will never stop blowing, each day as we grow old together. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Happy Valentine’s Day my love! The only tip I have for you this year is if you really want something, just pray for it and be patient – this is how I got you!
  • Thank you for letting me love you! This is the very thing that makes me feel like a man in this life. I am blessed to have you by my side.

Love Picture

Happy Valentine’s Day for a Friend

  • No Valentine’s sayings can measure the extent of our friendship and how much I value you. Happy Valentine’s Day, buddy!
  • Who said that Valentine’s day sayings can be only about lovers? You are my best friend and I thank you for always being by my side!
  • Happy Valentine’s day quotes are so boring. Any day of the year, I am happy I have you as my friend.
  • Happy Valentine Day 2019! Tell your man he should spoil you because you deserve it!
  • Quotes for Valentine’s Day are fun only when I am with you. Happy Valentine’s Day, my friend!

What to Wish to a Colleague

Why do people need Valentine Day images with quotes? Why do we go above and beyond to choose that beautiful flower or card to give to the loved one on this day? Actually, people spend millions of dollars on this day to celebrate their love. No matter from which background you are coming, a simple be my Valentine quote or a little sticky note with a loving message will light up the day for that special person. And if you are not the best at expressing your love in words, Valentine’s day quotes for her will help you do just that! Here are a few more short Valentine’s Day sayings to kick start the creative process:

  • Love can last a lifetime if you are lucky, but our love will last forever!
  • I have fallen in love so many times I stopped counting… but always with you!
  • A Valentine’s heart is beating faster than a regular-day heart.
  • On this day, I want to say thank you that you lowered your standards and fell in love with me. Thank you, my love!
  • I was praying to God for an angle and you were what I received. Happy Valentine’s Day greetings, my love!

Love Pix Nice Heart

There are good Valentine’s Day quotes, and there are the best Valentine quotes – the task this holiday season is to find the right match. These day’s greeting messages will help everyone this year make sure that the loved ones hear those anticipated words of passion and compassion. This is the best day to share and spread love, to forgive, and give presents to each other. Don’t forget about your relatives, friends, and coworkers – because everyone needs to hear and feel loved on this day, especially if they are lonely. Happy Valentine’s season!

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