Timing is Everything

Created: Apr 22, 2014
Timing is Everything

Threre are few terms that should always guide any type of content writing: right message, right place, and right time. Timing means a lot in content writing, especially for freelance writers. This advice is especially relevant when it comes to social media.

A well-timed post or tweet can have a great effect. If customers connect some business to an important event or a celebrity, it means there are good news for your bottom line. Good timing is a significant asset in content writing. Even the best content can be useless if shared at the wrong point in time.

In general, there are three main strategies which will always improve your content due to its good timing:

1. Building Content around Significant Events

Freelance writers might work for seasonal businesses, which experience increased sales around special occasions and holidays. In such a case, it is worthwhile taking the time in order to craft an article or blog post which draws inspiration from these holidays. Customers will respond to insightful, clever, or humorous content which refers to special occasion or even specific holiday. Sharing such type of content on social networks can also encourage many shares and retweets.

2. Telling A Unique Story

Freelance writers should bring a human element into their content offering. This can be done by sharing their stories with target audience. Freelancers should, therefore, explain, why customers should do business with them, and what is it that makes them stand out. In addition, writers should highlight the unique aspects of their writing and use those as a selling point in their content. It it important to remember that everything from hashtags to graphics should be geared to highlight the unique story. When people get to know you better, they are more interested in what you have to say.

3. Investing in Followers

A freelance writer can only become influential in social media and other online sources by taking care about his/her followers. Writers should make their followers feel like they are important and special, in other words, the reason of why writers do what they do. Freelancers should pay attention to people on social media networks who are actively engaged in writing comments and discussing posts. Writers should find ways to reward followers for being loyal and offer them some special discount or reward. No advertising campaign works better then investing in followers. Moreover, what makes it so effective is that its cost is only a extra hour per day.

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