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by: WritOlogy March 6, 2014

Being an English major is not easy. Discussing Augusto Monterroso with your friends makes no sense, because they have no idea who he is. Those who’ve heard of him already forbade you to bring his books and even mention his…

by: WritOlogy March 3, 2014

Without doubt, a highly popular image of a successful freelance blogger has been haunting many writers, causing a lot of distress and urging to follow that path. You wake up in a charming bungalow near the ocean. It’s midday. You…

by: WritOlogy February 28, 2014

“Are you on Facebook?” It used to be a frequently asked question some 10 years ago. Nowadays it even sounds a bit ridiculous, because if you’re not on Facebook, you don’t exist. More than that, Facebook is not a limit….

by: WritOlogy February 26, 2014

Communication is something so subtle and natural, that we rarely even ponder about its insensible presence in our lives. Thanks to modern technology, we can communicate with dozens of people at the same time, no matter where we are. Not…

by: WritOlogy February 19, 2014

Whatever we choose to do in our lives, we want to be successful. Whether a doctor or a mechanic, everyone strives for recognition and realization of dreams. Life shows, however, that not everyone’s work gets widely acknowledged. This is because…

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